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Is skydiving video worth it? Skydiving videos are 1000% worth it!! Embarking on a tandem skydiving adventure is epic to begin with, but capturing the moment against our stunning ocean views takes it to a whole new level. 

At Skydive Key West, tandem skydiving videos aren’t just fun souvenirs you’ll watch one time – they’re an intentionally crafted cinematic journey that allows you to share and relive your jump as many times as you wish. 

Keep on reading to confidently answer the question, “Should I get video for skydiving?” with a resounding ‘HECKKK YEAH!’ 

Top Five Reasons To Get Skydiving Video

Are skydiving pictures worth it, like, for real? YES, they really, truly are. Why? You only get your first skydive once. 

That’s right – your professional skydiving instructor had a first skydive just like YOU (which means they know exactly what you’re going through)! There are some avid skydivers out there who did not invest in video of their first jump, and despite hundreds of sick vids of them shredding the skies with their sky fam, they cannot get a re-do on their first jump. That’s our sixth reason: Regret! Now, let’s get into our top five reasons to get a skydiving video: 

1. Memorabilia

Skydiving videos make something tangible and lasting out of an indescribable experience – this holds huge emotional value! During a first skydive, it’s pretty typical to forget some things. Why? Adrenaline! During your first jump, you’ll be HYPED, and because there’s soooo much ‘new’ happening, it’ll be easy to glaze over some pretty nifty parts. Videos allow you to relive the exciting ride to altitude with fellow skydivers, see the look on your face as the door of the plane swings open, and witness your  ear-to-ear smile during the canopy ride!

2. Sharing 

Some friends may want to come watch you jump (and they are certainly more than welcome), but others who choose to hang back will surely want to hear about your sky-bound quest! Being able to show them rather than trying to describe something that’s impossible to put into words will bridge the gap and bring them into the moment with you. (Don’t forget to tag us @skydivekeywest on social!)

Smiling tandem skydiving student holds up two fingers on each hand during freefall to show peace signs.

3. Personalized 

A skydiving video will capture your thoughts, excitement, and jitters (normal!) before, during, and after the jump. Many people skydive for a purpose, whether it’s supporting a good cause  or celebrating a birthday, and your video can reflect the importance of this event. 

4. Confidence Boost

Sometimes we need to see something to believe we actually did it, especially when our adrenaline-filled selves may need some gaps filled in. Skydiving is an incredible feat that only about 1-2% of the population will ever do … if you’re one of the few, you’re awesome, and you need to document it! How do you look good in a skydiving video? Have fun, be yourself, and don’t worry about a thang. *Tip: Smiling tightens your face muscles and skin and leaves less to flippity-flop around! 

5. Professional

Purchasing a video package is purchasing high-quality documentation of your jump. We won’t get out there and just wing it with a cam-corder from the 80’s! 

Skydiving Video FAQs

How much does a skydiving video cost? 

The skydiving media package at Key West is $120. We understand the cost of a tandem skydive is already a financial investment, but now is not the time to pinch your pennies! The video is straight-up priceless. 

What type of equipment is used to record skydiving videos? 

GoPros! These absolute beasts of a camera are what the majority of the skydiving community uses, they’re known for their reliability, clarity, durability, and versatility. 

Female and male tandem pair skydiving in scenic Key West.

Can I bring my own camera for a skydiving video? 

Negative, ghost rider, leave the recording up to the professionals. You need a total of 200 skydives before even thinking about attaching (or attempting to hold) a camera to your person. 

How long after the jump will I receive my video? 

Pretty close to immediately! Your video will be ready to view right after your land – you can even watch it on the big screen if you want to! We can put it on your phone too, so you can watch it over and over all day long!

What is included in a typical skydiving video package? 

At Skydive Key West, your video will capture your entire skydiving experience! A video package includes a pre-jump interview, footage of the plane ride up to jump altitude, your exit, the entire freefall, the canopy ride, and a post-jump interview. 

Can friends or family be included in the video? 

Sure! The beginning and ending of the skydiving video take place on our beloved Mother Earth, and your loved ones are more than welcome to join in the fun during those times! 

What safety measures are in place for video recording during skydiving? 

Safety is the #1 priority during a skydive, including when recording a video. Those able to record video during a jump are certified and experienced professionals. Having a camera mounted on their wrist doesn’t change or compromise their gear checks, controllability checks, altitude awareness, or keep them from ensuring that you’re having a blast. 

Reliving the rush, sharing the views, and being able to showcase your courage is special. Extraordinary moments deserve to be captured. We can’t wait to have you — book your jump today! Blue skies!

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