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Skydive Key West Posted by: Skydive Key West 5 months ago

Want to go skydiving in Key West, FL? You’ve come to the right place: Welcome to the exhilarating world of Skydive Key West, where dreams take flight and adrenaline reaches new heights! To say we’re proud is an understatement when it comes to Skydive Key West reviews – they’re consistently 5-stars, leaving us feeling overwhelmed with gratitude. Key West Florida skydiving is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and we’re here with real Key West skydiving reviews to prove it!!

Wanna make a deal? If you feel inspired at all while reading our customer’s reviews, you have to book a skydive with us, or at least swing on by to see what we’re all about! DEAL!? 

Girl smiles with mouth wide open during a tandem skydive

Testimonial #1: Get The Video 

Shoutout to Chandler H. for this review on Yelp! 

“Easily one of the most fun things we did on our trip. The instructors were all super happy, fun, and easy to work with especially because it was our group’s first time. The experience of skydiving and then flying over the keys in a parachute just adds to the experience. Perfect place to go for your first skydiving session! And the video package is totally worth it, the videos and photos make it a forever memorable experience!”

Chandler graciously highlighted multiple awesome facets of our operation, but most notably, pointed out how it is totally worth it to get the video package! Many people think that experiencing the skydive once is enough, but then … they land and realize it’s over. Although feeling the skydive is obviously #1, being able to relive the experience and share it through videography is a close second. 

Meanwhile, we’re jumping with joy to be the best part of Chandler’s trip (!!!), and we also have some pretty sweet suggestions for how else you might spend your time in the stunning Florida Keys. 

Testimonial #2: Safety Is Our Top Priority

Thanks to Tom L. for this kind Yelp review (we’re tearing up over here)! 

“What an amazing experience. From the moment I arrived, and I met Kyle and the entire crew. I knew that everything was top-notch. The place is beautiful inside very clean and presentable very professional, and their top concern and priority is safety. Amazing instructions and just a very, very pleasant way to bring in a new year. I think I was most impressed with The staff.”

We love to have fun and provide people with the life-changing experience of skydiving! In order to do this, we put safety at the forefront of everything we do. Without a safety-oriented mindset, sharing the glory of the sky and human flight wouldn’t be possible. Safety is something we proudly give precedence to in every single aspect of our operation. 

Female and male tandem pair skydiving in scenic Key West.

Testimonial #3: Our Staff Rocks

Is skydiving worth it? We’ll let the reviews speak for themselves … take a gander at what Loralee B. on TripAdvisor has to say!

“I recommend Skydive Key West, without hesitation. They are truly a top-notch operation! Skydiving is not just a thrill; it is one of life’s peak experiences of pure unadulterated joy…To put my life in someone else’s hands requires the ultimate trust. I trust, honor and respect the Skydive Key West organization and all of its employees. They are all dedicated, passionate, and love their work. They are all competent, efficient and professional. Their positive and optimistic outlook is reflected in their interactions with each guest.”

We appreciate Loralee pointing out how nerve-wracking it is to place trust in someone, let alone a total stranger! And remember: we all started from that same place! Our tandem instructors, who have thousands of skydives, all started with a single jump, which means they fully understand how special (and intimidating) it is. We employ the best of the best that the skydiving community has to offer, and we’re so happy that their light shines through to all of our guests. 

Testimonial #4: Celebrate With Us 

All the gratitude to Beth L. for sharing such a special day with us and leaving us a gracious review on Facebook! 

“100% recommend Skydive Key West! I went today as a celebration of life for my big brother Joey. The instructors, pilot, girls at the front – everyone was so amazing and made sure we had the best time. I can never thank them enough for the most life changing experience! <3<3<3”

We feel so fortunate whenever someone books a skydive with us, and that feeling is enhanced when they’re skydiving to celebrate something special. Whether you want to soar the skies for a birthday, personal milestone, or a celebration of life, it’s an honor to be a part of such a special and monumental day

Male tandem skydiver in a white hoodie gives thumbs up at Skydive Key West.

Testimonial #5: It’s Simply The Best

Bill W. – thank you for your Google review, sir! 

“The greatest experience of my 71 years. Everyone, starting with Tina when you walk in the door to the instructors and pilots to the gentleman driving the pickup cart, we’re friendly and knowledgeable. They all focused on my safety and making sure my experience was the best possible. They achieved both. SKYDIVE KEY WEST you are the best.”

Our mission is to not only provide a heart-pounding adventure, but to also create unforgettable memories that bring to mind our passion, professionalism, and a commitment to safety. Exceeding expectations in every area is something we strive for every time someone walks through our door, and that fills us with a great deal of pride and appreciation! 

Each of these reviews encompasses everything we hope to embody as a dropzone and we want to send our greatest thanks to everyone who has ever taken the leap with us (and taken the time to share about their experience with the world!). Were you inspired? We knew it! Time to book your jump or come check out our DZ! We are SO pumped for you to have the best jump EVER with us – wooo!!! 

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