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Close your eyes for a second and imagine this scene: a vast expanse of blue sky, the wind rushing past, and the exhilarating sensation of freefall. Now, add your best friends and the support of a good cause … and you’ve got one of the coolest fundraising ideas for fraternities and sororities. 

What are good fundraising events? Well, we’ll tell you which fundraising ideas for sororities and fraternities are overused: 5Ks, dance competitions, and any type of sports tournament – boringggg. It’s time to take it to the next level and jump out of a perfectly good airplane to benefit a meaningful mission! Let’s break it down. 

Woman in tie dye tee shirt smiles in her tandem skydiving harness on the airplane of Skydive Keywest.

The Fundraising Skydive: Simpler Than You Think!

How do you fundraise for fraternities and sororities with a skydive? People get overwhelmed by the idea of skydiving, let alone a fundraising skydive, but it’s not as difficult as you may think! People do skydives for charity all the time. Here are three simple steps to get the ball rolling: 

1. Get Organized

First, determine if your fraternity or sorority fundraising ideas align with doing a skydive (and use this article as a compelling argument)! Once you get your brothers or sisters on board, it’s time to start planning. We suggest starting about three months out from jump day – this gives your sponsors plenty of notice to donate, or even plan to come watch you take the leap. 

Wait … people can come to watch? 100%, we encourage it! If someone is a bit apprehensive to jump, but would still like to be immersed in the vibes of the day, that’s more than acceptable: that’s awesome! We love to introduce folks to our sport, and if people are coming to cheer you on for jumping for a cause, all the better!

2. Get Sponsored

Similar to other fraternity and sorority fundraising ideas, you’ll have to get people to donate toward your jump. People can donate directly to you or through a “giving” platform.

Another option is to push for commercial sponsorships. Many local businesses are happy to donate towards a good cause, and repping their brand while doing your jump is extra publicity for them – win/win! 

Should a sponsor cover the actual cost of your jump? That’s up to you. You can (personally) pay for your jump, or you can apply your donated funds to the cost, leaving the “extra” as your gift to the charity or cause. 

Would people actually donate towards a skydive? People donate all the time for those who are walking or running to raise money, the principle behind donating toward a skydive is no different. 

3. Get Scheduled

Skydiving slots book up fast, so the sooner you book your skydive, the better! We are happy to accommodate groups or solo adventurers, and we love hearing about the cause you’re jumping for – give us a call to tell us what you’re planning!

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Top Five Reasons Going Skydiving Is The Best Fundraising Idea

1. It’s Easy! 

Do you want the stress of organizing committees, cleanup crews, determining dress codes or coordinating catering logistics? HECKKK NO. Other sorority and fraternity fundraising ideas might entail those mundane tasks, but not planning a skydive. Simply get people HYPED, spread the word about your jump and cause to get donations, and SEND IT! 

2. It’s Safety-Oriented 

Doing a tandem skydive places you in an absolutely exhilarating, yet safety-oriented, environment. Skydive Key West has a commitment to the highest safety standards. As a United States Parachute Association (USPA) Group Member Dropzone, we are proud to strictly adhere to the rules, regulations, and recommendations set by the USPA to offer the absolute best experiences for our customers. 

3. It’s Bonding 

A huge benefit of joining Greek life is establishing lifelong, supportive relationships. What better way to bond than to go through a life-changing experience together? Skydiving is a unique challenge that forces you to face your fears head-on. Taking the leap with your best pals while being inspired to benefit the greater good is a core memory that can be talked about for decades! 

4. It’s Social Media Gold 

Would you rather post photos from yet another formal, dance-off, or golf tournament … OR a sick montage of you soaring the skies at 120mph? It’s pretty obvious to us here @skydivekeywest … 

5. It’s Inspirational 

Skydiving for charity as a member of the Greek life community is inspirational for many reasons. First, you’re calling others to conquer their fears for a benevolent purpose. Second, there is potential to intrigue future brothers or sisters to your chapter by being different (and cooler!) than the others. Third, imagine the photos hanging throughout the house, serving as an inspiration every day that you are bigger than your fears! There’s even the possibility of making “jump for a cause” an annual fundraising event for your chapter! 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀

Going skydiving is the BEST fundraiser for a sorority or fraternity! We can’t wait to help you turn an adrenaline-filled fun time into the most epic fundraising event EVER. Contact us with questions and get booked to fly high! Blue skies!

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