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What can you do to celebrate a milestone? Milestone celebration ideas range from family get-togethers to trips abroad … but what comes in the middle? Enter: Tandem skydiving! 

Milestones are the threads that weave each of our unique stories together. From personal achievements and career successes to celebrations of love, friendship, and self-discovery, each of these moments is worthy of being celebrated in memorable ways. 

Whether you’re celebrating graduates, looking for the best anniversary celebration ideas, or seeking an answer to, “How do you celebrate employee milestones?” Look no further! This article will dive into why tandem skydiving is the ideal milestone celebration. 

young female with blond hair out stretches her arms while in freefall over Florida Keys


Searching for the most fun ways to celebrate an anniversary? Go skydiving! You don’t have to be married to celebrate anniversaries. Perhaps you’ve been dating a special someone for a significant amount of time or want to show appreciation to your bestie for sticking it out with you through the good and the bad. 

Skydiving adds an element of excitement to any anniversary celebration. Doing a once-in-a-lifetime activity, such as tandem skydiving, with your partner or best friend is a life-long memory that will bond you like no other! 

Employee Milestones

What are milestone events for employees? When employees excel at something or have been loyal to the organization for an extended amount of time, they deserve to be recognized! What better way than jumping from a plane with the best boss in the world? 

One employee milestone that we often see celebrated with a skydive is retirement. This allows the entire organization to get involved and come jump, or stay earth-side and watch if they aren’t quite ready to take the leap. 


Skydiving makes for a birthday celebration unlike any other. While we respect the cake, candles, and singing, why not mark the day with something with a bit more exhilaration? Skydiving on your birthday kicks off the new year (for you) on a high note and sets a positive tone for what’s to come. Plus, it’s a pretty sweet story to tell! 

What is the minimum age for skydiving, you ask? 18! Gifting the soon-to-be 18 year old in your life with a tandem skydiving gift certificate is one way to slip into their good graces (and be the coolest present-giver EVER). 

Female tandem skydiver wearing a white shirt with blue writing takes the leap out of the Skydive Key West airplane into free fall

Marriage Proposals 

Propose on the dropzone and then come back to celebrate your anniversary with us! *wink wink* 

Jumping from an airplane and asking the love of your life to be with you forever and ever might seem like an unconventional pairing, but the similarities in both make skydiving one of the best marriage proposal ideas. Skydiving is an unparalleled way to pop the question for couples who are adventurous! 

Skydiving symbolizes taking a leap of faith and commitment to really doing it, similar to a marriage! If you’re ready to celebrate love, adventure, and overcoming fears as a team, a skydiving marriage proposal is for you. Plus – we’ve got you covered with the photos and video


If there’s one word to encompass the after effects of skydiving, it’s empowerment.  Going skydiving after crushing an illness or overcoming a hardship is profoundly meaningful. Skydiving boasts tons of mental benefits (which is why so many of us do it). Most significantly, skydiving allows us to see life from a new perspective, build confidence, truly embrace the beauty of living, and foster a sense of control. 

Wait, control? Yes! Skydiving is a voluntary activity. This means that saying “Yes!” to take the leap is saying yes to a newfound you – the sense of autonomy we find in skydiving is unmatched. It’s time to say yes to YOU! 

Group Celebrations

Family reunion? Awesome. Office party? For sure. Bachelor/ette party? Check. Church groups or camps? Definitely. Sports teams? Of course. Chess clubs or bowling leagues? Heck yeah! 

Group skydiving is a bonding experience. The presence of positive peer pressure and a familiar support system enhances the experience through added camaraderie and shared excitement. 

If someone in your group isn’t up for a full send from an airplane, no judgment. We happily welcome spectators to share in your celebratory jumps!

Mother’s Day & Father’s Day

Whether it is your parents’ first year as a grandparent or 50th year as the best mom or dad on the planet, you can’t go wrong by gifting them with a skydive (and going with them)! Talk about the ultimate uniting experience … 

We also acknowledge that these holidays can be difficult for some. If you and your siblings are seeking a way to bond, clear your heads, or celebrate the life of a loved one, skydiving is your answer. 

How do you plan a celebration? You start by flinging yourself out of a perfectly good airplane, that’s how! Regardless of what milestone you or someone you love just hit, you absolutely, positively cannot go wrong with a celebratory skydive. Book your best day ever with us – we can’t wait to have you! Blue skies.

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