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Skydive Key West Posted by: Skydive Key West 2 years ago

So, it’s the night before your skydive and all you can think about is making sure that you do everything right leading up to your jump. Well, the good news is that the few things you should do are probably part of your normal routine. One of those things is eating before skydiving! Whether or not you should eat before skydiving, and what to eat before skydiving, are common among the many questions we get about preparing for the big day. 

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Should You Eat Before Skydiving?

Yes! Despite potentially not having an appetite due to excitement and anxiety about your jump, you should definitely eat at least a little something before going skydiving. You don’t need to eat any more food than you normally would (we advise against having a full-on feast before your jump) but having food in your belly helps you to feel healthy, strong, and clear-headed. If you normally eat breakfast, but decide to forgo it on the day of your jump, you’ll likely feel a bit lightheaded and weak. Having food in your system will keep your blood sugar levels normal and keep you alert. 

What to Eat Before Skydiving?

It doesn’t matter too much what you eat before your jump, but you’ll feel best if you eat food that you know makes you feel good. For most people, that means a mix of proteins and carbs will help keep you alert and energized for your jump. 

If you’re jumping in the morning, then a normal breakfast like eggs or cereal would be totally fine. If your skydive is later in the day, then a sandwich or salad should be sufficient to keep you feeling good. Greasy foods like pizza are probably not the best to eat before your jump, because they might upset your stomach. More important than the type of food is just to have some sort of food in your system, and keeping a consistent diet for yourself will help you feel as normal as possible for your skydive. 

Drinking & Skydiving

Water isn’t food, but make sure to drink enough water before your skydive. It’s super important to stay hydrated throughout the day leading up to and on the day of your jump.

A word to the wise. Don’t resort to liquid courage to knock down your nerves. Call it quits early the night before and get some water in before bed – trust and believe a hangover makes for a no-good skydive. And on the day of? No way. If you’re under the influence, you won’t be skydiving. 

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Does Skydiving Make You Nauseous?

Many people do not get nauseous when they skydive, but nausea is not out of the question either. The primary reason people feel queasy is from not eating enough (or eating too much) and being dehydrated. Low blood sugar mixed with big-time excitement, mega adrenaline, and high altitude makes everyone green around the gills!

The parachute ride is really fun and – especially in the Keys – breathtakingly beautiful … but spinning and swaying can make some feel iffy. If you tend to get motion sickness, be sure to give your instructor a heads up. Some like it mild, some like it wild!

Can Skydiving Make You Pass Out?

Very, very rarely do people faint during a skydive, but it can happen. If people pass out, it’s most likely due to a combination of dehydration, hunger, heat, and anxiety. Luckily, as a tandem skydiver, you are strapped to an experienced tandem instructor who can land the parachute even if their passenger has passed out. But it sure would be a shame to be so excited for the skydive and then miss the experience! 

We want you to feel your best and have the ultimate skydiving experience on jump day, so prioritize eating and staying hydrated. If you’re driving in from out of town and need some good restaurant recommendations, connect with us and we’ll give you the skinny on top local spots! 

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