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What is one bizarre law in the state of Florida? Well … let us tell you about one that used to exist. 

Picture this. It’s a sunny Sunday afternoon in Florida. A refreshing dip in the great, blue sky is calling your name, but … you’re unmarried and female. Ummm, okay … so what? Well, is it illegal for unmarried women to skydive on Sunday? In Florida, this strange law existed until 2005, although it (obviously) wasn’t observed. 

Strap in as we debunk one of the most ridiculous laws to ever exist in the Sunshine State! These days, it’s about as real as a hippopotamus sighting at 10,000 feet. 

Skydive Key West Tandem instructor wearing blue hemet gives a thumbs up while in free fall with tandem student.

Why is it illegal in Florida for unmarried women to do skydiving on Sunday?

Why can’t unmarried woman go skydiving on Sundays in Florida? News flash: THEY CAN! The history of the law is unclear, but our best guess is that this extinct law originated in a time when it was cool to prohibit women from being awesome. Sigh. It’s a good thing that we’ve come a long, long way since then! That being said …

Does Skydiving Have Any Gender Restrictions? 

Absolutely NOT! The skydiving community welcomes anyone and everyone – the sky knows no gender. Despite this culture of inclusivity, women make up only 14% of the sport. 

Why is there a gender gap? It’s certainly not about skill or passion, but about smashing apart outdated stereotypes and misconceptions about who belongs in the sky. Skydiving truly knows no bounds when it comes to gender. Whether you’re male, female, non-binary, or anywhere in between, the thrill of freefall and freedom of flight are yours to experience. 

The skydiving community holds events specifically for women, such as female-focused canopy courses and Sisters In Skydiving (SIS) events. SIS is designed to connect dedicated skydiving mentors with younger jumpers to guide them in their progression through the sport and foster connections that surpass the sky. Events like these prove the community’s commitment to excellence and equality. 

Female tandem student in a tank tops helps the instructor steer by pulling the yellow toggle under canopy.

Modern Skydiving Culture: Acceptance 

As skydivers, why are we passionate about diversity and inclusion? Because a broad variety of perspectives and life experiences makes us stronger. 

The skydiving community is more than just a bunch of people who like to jump out of planes – we’re a vibrant and diverse sky-family who share a passion for shredding the skies, and we have an unwavering commitment to inclusivity.

Simply put: embracing each individual who walks onto a dropzone isn’t just a goal, it’s a fundamental value of who we are! 

What Restrictions Does Skydiving Have? 

Let’s take a look at some more logical restrictions and answer questions like: How old do you have to be to skydive in Florida? What’s the weight limit? Can you skydive on your period? Can pregnant women skydive? 

What are the age restrictions for skydiving? 

In the good ole U S of A, you must be 18 years old to skydive. The US deems 18 as the age of consent, and because you’ll be filling out a liability waiver prior to your skydive, you have to be 18 to skydive at pretty much every dropzone in the country. That means, if you know someone who will soon hit that magic number, wrapping up an adventure in a skydiving gift will make you the coolest celebration-supporter EVER. 

What are the weight restrictions for tandem skydiving? 

At Skydive Key West, our weight restriction for tandem students is 270 lbs. We never (ever) intend to exclude anyone, but we have to put your safety and your instructor’s safety at the forefront by following gear manufacturer restrictions.

Female tandem skydiver wearing a white shirt with blue writing takes the leap out of the Skydive Key West airplane into free fall

Can you skydive on your period? 

Absolutely! If you’re menstruating, your body may become more fatigued or dehydrated, so keep that in mind and prepare accordingly (AKA – drink plenty of water)!

Can you tandem skydive if you’re pregnant? 

Nope. Skydiving is an extreme sport that puts extra stress on the body – because it’s an exhilarating adventure! And although this can be loads of fun for you, the little love you’re growing might not think so. We’ll stop ya right there if you’re wondering, “Can a baby go skydiving?” Um, absolutely not, for obvious reasons.

Suffice It To Say …

We are happy to sum up by saying that not only can a single woman skydive in Florida on Sunday, but there is nothing women are not allowed to do on Sundays in Florida!! Regardless of marital status, everyone is welcome to skydive on any day of the week they desire. And, here’s more good news, we’re open seven days a week! Come jump with us – we can’t wait to show you the best views Florida has to offer! Blue skies!

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