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People often inquire about how to prepare for skydiving, and the truth is that it’s wayyy more mental than physical! Here are our top six hot takes on how to mentally prepare for skydiving. Don’t stress, it’s easier than you may think!

Female tandem skydiver wearing a white shirt with blue writing takes the leap out of the Skydive Key West airplane into free fall


It’s beneficial to think through a situation to mitigate any uneasiness about it when it actually does come around. Research the dropzone you’re going to … are their reviews consistently positive? Are they USPA rated? How’s their safety record? What kind of airplane do they use? How high will you be going? (By the way – with us it’s 10 THOUSAND feet up). Will they have what’s important to you (sick views, a family-like atmosphere, or specialty jumps)? 

Research ways to de-stress and counter anxiety in the moment, like breathing techniques. If you catch yourself feeling anxious before the jump, try counting on your fingers as you breathe; you can try 5 seconds in and 10 seconds out to slow your breath and heart rate.  

Catch Some Z’s!

Getting a good night of sleep the day before your jump will put your mind at ease during (one of) the biggest days of your life. We know your mind will be racing the night before – it’s exciting! Rest assured, you have nothing to worry about. Our instructors are highly trained professionals with thousands of jumps and whose first priority is your safety and comfort. 

As tempting as it is to try and burn down the town the night before in order to take your mind off the pre-jump jitters, please don’t. Alcohol and skydiving are mortal enemies and the next day will not be a pleasurable experience. Count some sheep and get some sleep, you’re in good hands.

Stay Hydrated and Nourished

Although staying hydrated and fed on the day of your jump seems to be a physical way to prepare, it coincides with the mental! Everything is interconnected. When our bodies become dehydrated it means that critical parts of ourselves (like our brains!) aren’t getting enough water to function properly. This can result in fatigue, dizziness, anxiety, and just feeling yucky all over! 

Food keeps us feeling energized! When we don’t eat for a long time our blood sugar can drop, and if it gets low enough, it can result in increased worry, the jitters, and a big bleh feeling. Combine low blood sugar with dehydration on the day of your jump … no thanks! 

Wait, I should eat and drink before I skydive!? Yes! No, don’t go eat 10 donuts and drink a gallon of Gatorade, but eating as you normally would with some light snacking is actually highly recommended

Arrive On Time So You Don’t Sweat It!

For groups of 2 or less, you’ll generally hang out with us for about 1 hour. For groups of 12 or less, you’ll be with us for less than 2 hours. When you arrive at the dropzone, you’ll watch an informational video about the – extremely calculated – risk and thrill of skydiving, sign a waiver, meet your instructor, have a quick briefing, and gear up to make your first skydive! 

Plan for ample time to get to the dropzone. You should plan your day around your skydive, not your skydive around your day. We don’t want you rushing to the dropzone, spilling your smoothie, and having a stressful day all before you even get here!

Beautiful aerial view of Florida Keys skydiving with tandem skydiver under canopy off in the distance

There’s No Such Thing As A Stupid Question

If you’re concerned about how many seagulls we’ll smash into in freefall (we’ll tell you now, it’s none), or about how to look super cute in your video, then ask us! Maybe you’re worried about being able to breathe during the skydive, don’t hesitate to tell us – and trust us, breathing is totally possible, there’s plenty of air and it’s self serve. 

We’ve heard it all and are more than happy to answer any questions that may be bothering you, no matter how silly you think they are. Check out our frequently asked questions or feel free to contact us before your jump if you have any fears or concerns.

Have Fun!

While we put safety at the forefront on every single jump, having fun is a close second! The beauty of the freedom of human flight is that it’s enjoyable. Many skydivers actually use the sport as an outlet; after your first jump we are positive that you’ll find it is actually a stress soother rather than an inducer. 

We know it’s difficult to mentally prepare for a feat so large that it is genuinely incomprehensible. But have no fear, you’re in excellent hands when you jump at Skydive Key West, and we can’t wait to have a blast with you on your first jump! Book now!

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